Vision and History


● Our vision is to create a complete framework for skill development that will pave the
way for bridging the skills gap and provide opportunities for lifelong learning.
● Our primary goal is to foster young minds’ inquisitiveness through engaging
educational experiences.
● Through commitment, attitude, and social inclusion in our services, we offer 100%
placement for students.
● We make a significant contribution to helping Indian students who want to study
abroad and boost their careers.
● We accomplish this by guiding the students in tune with the appropriate information
sources and with professionals who will support them at every stage of their journey.
● We choose to be certain that our students have engaging opportunities to pursue
new language skills, advance through proficiency levels and receive support as
needed to successfully complete international certifications.
● Through constant innovation in student services and by connecting institutions,
program directors, and students around the globe, we believe we can have a
transformative impact on the study abroad service sector.


Eton College is an educational technology company founded in 2016 in British Columbia, Canada with two campuses in Victoria and Vancouver. In August 2022, Eton College entered India, with our headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We provide training in digital economy skills with an emphasis on assisting individuals in acquiring the abilities necessary to prosper in the digital economy.

We provide intensive online training in a broad range of courses that includes coding and web development, Microsoft, computer fundamentals, graphic design, and other digital programmes fit for ages 17 to 90. We also focus to provide in-demand skills for today’s working professionals.