Refund and Returns Policy

  1. At Eton College, we are passionate about customer satisfaction. Therefore, we have a Cancellation and Refund Policy.
  2. If you cancel the course booking before the start of the course without giving any reason, you are entitled to a full refund of the price paid.
  3. If you cancel the course booking within two classes of the courses, you are entitled to claim a partial refund after deduction for the two classes. 
  4. Cancellations and refunds in the circumstances outside those described above and following the expiry of the 2-class cancellation period are subject to the terms and conditions in this Cancellation and Refund Policy, as there would be no refund provided.
  5.  The Platform is a paid service, and the payments made by You through the Platform will be per your chosen course. You expressly agree to pay the fees associated with the courses you buy, and you give the Company permission to charge you following the appropriate payment method you selected. All payments must be made using the Company’s payment system, and you are in charge of paying all fees and related taxes on time, following the system connected to the courses you have chosen to use.
  6. Any illegal usage, fraud, payment returns, lost money, etc., during the transaction shall not be our responsibility.
  7. When a consumer wants a refund, we try to process and fulfil their request within 7–10* Business days**. We may call you as part of our refund procedure to get your comments on the course and to confirm the details we need to process your refund. Please email if you have any inquiries about your refund request or the refund process.
  8. We reserve the right to modify any fees at any time and our sole discretion. Any changes to a fee shall take effect as soon as it is posted, uploaded, or otherwise made known on our website.
  9. If you request a refund before finishing the course, We reserve the right to deduct the value of any cashback, discounts, or rewards, including vouchers you have received, from the amount of a due refund. If you paid for your course(s) using a loan or financing from a third-party financing entity, the refund procedure and schedule would be under the terms and conditions you agreed to with that financing entity. Any delays or other problems on the part of the third-party loan financing company in handling and completing such refund requests are not the Company’s responsibility and cannot be held accountable for them. 
  10. “Business Day” is defined as any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or a bank holiday;