Course Content
Module 1
Brief History of Aviation and Airline Industry Aviation Terminology & Abbreviations Aviation Regulatory Agencies and Regulations in Canada and the World Airline Corporate Structure / Company Personnel General Crew Responsibilities / Chain of Command Minimum Crew Complement Training and Training Facilities Operating Requirements/Documentation/Uniforms and Manual Medical and Health Requirements / Fatigue and Sleep Crew Scheduling Procedures
Module 2
Aerodynamics of Flight Effects of Weather on Aircraft Airport Facilities General Aircraft Description Aircraft Types Major Aircraft Manufacturers Aircraft Cabin Interior
Exam – Introduction to Aviation
FAPP_AVI100: Introduction to Aviation (Professional)
About Lesson

After this session you will be able to:

  • LO1: Define Aviation and describe the Ages of Aviation.
  • LO2: Describe Commercial Airlines
  • LO3: Illustrate Aviation Industry Trends
  • LO4: Solve the Quiz for Brief History of Aviation and Airline Industry

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