FAPP_AVI100: Introduction to Aviation (Professional)

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About Course

This course includes an overview and introduction of the following topics:

  • The Airline Industry
  • Aviation terminology
  • Airline corporate structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Cabin Crew operating requirements
  • Theory of Flight, Airport and Aircraft familiarization

What Will You Learn?

  • To describe the history and current state of the airline industry
  • To use aviation terminology in appropriate context
  • To identify national and international regulatory bodies and their roles
  • To describe a typical air operator’s corporate structure and organizational chart
  • To identify the cabin crew operating requirements
  • To identify the airport infrastructure
  • To describe the basic components of the aircraft and explain the theory of flight
  • To identify the world’s major aircraft manufacturers

Course Content

Module 1
Brief History of Aviation and Airline Industry Aviation Terminology & Abbreviations Aviation Regulatory Agencies and Regulations in Canada and the World Airline Corporate Structure / Company Personnel General Crew Responsibilities / Chain of Command Minimum Crew Complement Training and Training Facilities Operating Requirements/Documentation/Uniforms and Manual Medical and Health Requirements / Fatigue and Sleep Crew Scheduling Procedures

  • 03:35
  • 12:30
  • LO2: Describe Commercial Airlines
  • LO3: Illustrate Aviation Industry Trends
  • LO4: Solve the Quiz for Brief History of Aviation and Airline Industry
  • Assignment: Brief History of Aviation and Airline Industry
  • 03:30
  • 08:58
  • LO2: Solve the Quiz for Airline Terminology and Abbreviations
  • Assignment: Aviation Terminology & Abbreviations
  • 04:55
  • 01:09
  • LO2: Compare and Contrast Aviation Regulatory Agencies
  • LO3: Describe Aviation Regulatory Agency Responsibilities
  • LO4: Solve the Quiz for Aviation Regulatory Agencies
  • Assignment: Aviation Regulatory Agencies
  • Topic: Airline Corporate Structure
  • LO1: Describe the Airline Corporate Structure
  • LO2: Summarize the Roles of Airline Personals
  • LO3: Solve the Quiz for Airline Corporate Structure
  • Topic: Cabin Crew Duties
  • LO1: State the Cabin Crew Duties briefly
  • LO2: Solve the Quiz for Cabin Crew Duties
  • Topic: Training and Training Facilities
  • LO1: Identify various Cabin Crew Training facilities
  • LO2: Distinguish between different types of Trainings
  • LO3: Solve the Quiz for Training and Training facilities
  • Topic: Operating Requirements, Documentation, Uniforms, and Manual
  • LO1: Describe the Documentation and Flight Attendant Manuals
  • LO2: Summarize about the Uniform Requirements
  • LO3: Solve the Quiz for Operating Requirements
  • Topic: Medical and Health Requirements, Fatigue, and Sleep
  • LO1: State the list of Medical and Health Requirements
  • LO2: Identify the Fitness for Duty measures
  • LO3: Relate the set of Regulations against Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • LO4: Recommended Sleep and Fatigue measures
  • LO5: Solve the Quiz for Medical Health Requirements
  • Assignment: Medical and Health Requirements, Fatigue, and Sleep
  • Topic: Crew Scheduling Procedures
  • LO1: Describe Crew Scheduling Procedures
  • LO2: Explain Bidding and its types
  • LO3: Apply Crew Pairing methods
  • LO4: Solve the Quiz for Crew Scheduling Procedures
  • Module Based Quiz

Module 2
Aerodynamics of Flight Effects of Weather on Aircraft Airport Facilities General Aircraft Description Aircraft Types Major Aircraft Manufacturers Aircraft Cabin Interior

Exam – Introduction to Aviation

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