FAPP_CUS 100: Customer Service (Professional)

Categories: Self Paced
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About Course


This course is designed to introduce the elements of onboard customer service. Students will
further develop effective communication and interpersonal skills in dealing with and in providing
service to a variety of customers in different situations. In-flight service topics that are included
in this course:

  • In-flight service equipment
  • Classes of service on board
  • Components and sequence of in-flight service
  • Dealing with service irregularities

Students will be required to participate in a mock flight exercise and apply the learned safety and service in-flight procedures.

What Will You Learn?

  • Explain the principles of exceptional customer service
  • Identify the procedures associated with serving customers with special needs
  • Describe effective techniques for dealing with customer complaints
  • Describe different classes and components of inflight service
  • List and explain the crew onboard service procedures
  • Identify onboard service equipment
  • Describe and demonstrate the onboard service sequence

Course Content

Module I

  • 05:29
  • 05:10
  • LO2: List the Elements of Customer Service
  • LO3: Identify the Customer needs of an Airline
  • LO4: Solve the quiz for Airline Customer Service
  • 04:18
  • 07:37
  • LO2: Solve the quiz for Effective Communication Skills
  • 04:37
  • 04:45
  • LO2: Paraphrase the Service Recovery Process
  • LO3: Solve the quiz for Service Failure and Recovery
  • Topic 4: Passenger Approach and Care
  • LO1: Enlist different types of Passengers and explain how to handle them
  • LO2: Summarize how to Deal with Passengers during a Difficult Interaction
  • LO3: Describe the Services Provided for Disabled Passengers
  • LO4: Solve the quiz for Passenger Approach and Care
  • Topic 5: Classes of Service Onboard
  • LO1: List and explain types of Classes in the Flight
  • LO2: Explain about the Amenities provided to Flight users
  • LO3: Solve the quiz for Classes of Service Onboard
  • Topic 6: Passenger Care
  • LO1: Explain the Importance of Passenger Care in the Flight
  • LO2: Solve the quiz for Passenger Care
  • Topic 7: Onboard Service Procedures
  • LO1: Summarize the Onboard Service Procedures
  • LO2: Solve the quiz for Onboard Service Procedures
  • Topic 8: Duty Free
  • LO1: Enlist the Duties of a Flight Attendant during the Flight
  • LO2: Solve the quiz for Duty Free
  • Topic 9: In-Flight Entertainment
  • LO1: Explain how to keep the Customer engaged during the Flight
  • LO2: Solve the quiz for In-Flight Entertainment
  • Topic 10: Mock Flight
  • LO1: List the activities after Landing and Passenger Deplaning
  • LO2: Solve the quiz for Mock Flight
  • Assignment

Module II

Final Exam

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