TTM_MKTG 102: Destination Marketing (Supreme)

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About Course


This course is an introduction to marketing in tourism. Students will study the terminology and theory of traditional marketing as well as the unique characteristics of the tourism destination. Students will learn about the structure and function of the tourism marketing system including:


  • Destination Marketing
  • Destination Marketing Organizations
  • Basic Principles of Customer Service
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Marketing Communications


What Will You Learn?

  • Define and use marketing terms in tourism context
  • Discuss the importance of Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO’s) in tourism promotion
  • Distinguish between marketing products and tourism services
  • Explore consumer behaviour and the decision processes that customers use
  • Discuss the role and function of sales, advertising media, public relations and social media in integrated marketing communications for destination development
  • Define the benefits of, and process for, competition analysis and positioning strategies in relation to the development of destination brands
  • Assess the components and benefits of a marketing plan
  • Assess the role of research and evaluation in each step of a tourism marketing system

Course Content

Module I

  • 05:10
  • 08:02
  • LO2: Define Marketing and outline the steps in the Marketing process
  • LO3: Explain the concept of Markets and their significance in Marketing Strategy
  • LO3: Solve the quiz for Basic Marketing Theory
  • Assignment: Basic Marketing Theory
  • Case Study: Basic Marketing Theory
  • 06:37
  • 04:53
  • LO2: Describe the Service Culture
  • LO3: Identify Characteristics of Services that affect the Marketing of a Travel product
  • LO4: List and explain Destination Marketing Strategies
  • LO5: Solve the quiz for Destination Marketing
  • Assignment: Destination Marketing
  • Case Study: Destination Marketing
  • 05:43
  • 06:18
  • LO2: Describe the Strategic and Marketing Planning
  • LO3: Explain four different types of Corporate Level Strategic Planning
  • LO5: Solve the quiz for Destination Marketing Organizations
  • Assignment: Destination Marketing Organizations
  • Case Study: Destination Marketing Organizations
  • Topic 4: Marketing Environment
  • LO1: Analyze the Importance and Features of Marketing Environment
  • LO2: List and explain types of Marketing Environment
  • LO3: Solve the quiz for Marketing Environment
  • Assignment: Marketing Environment
  • Case Study: Marketing Environment
  • Topic 5: Consumer Markets and Consumer Buying Behavior
  • LO1: Describe the Consumer Buying Behavior to develop effective Marketing Strategies
  • LO2: Solve the quiz for Consumer Markets and Consumer Buying Behavior
  • Assignment: Consumer Markets and Consumer Buying Behavior
  • Case Study: Consumer Markets and Consumer Buying Behavior
  • Topic 6: Branding and Positioning
  • LO1: Describe Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning strategies
  • LO2: Explain the Importance of Brand in a Product
  • LO3: List and explain the stages of the New Product Development Process
  • LO4: Solve the quiz for Branding and Positioning
  • Assignment: Branding and Positioning
  • Case Study: Branding and Positioning
  • Topic 7: Destination Marketing Tools
  • LO1: Recall and list various Destination Marketing Tools used in the Tourism Industry
  • LO2: Explain the purpose and significance of Destination Marketing Tools in promoting Tourist Destinations
  • LO3: Solve the quiz for Destination Marketing Tools
  • Assignment: Destination Marketing Tools
  • Case Study: Destination Marketing Tools
  • Topic 8: Communication Plan and Strategy
  • LO1: Explain the Importance of the Internal Marketing Process
  • LO2: Analyze Pricing Considerations and Approaches to effectively set Prices for Products
  • LO3: Summarize the Price Adjustment Strategies of a Product
  • Solve the quiz for Communication Plan and Strategy
  • Assignment: Communication Plan and Strategy
  • Case Study: Communication Plan and Strategy
  • Topic 9: Future of Destination Marketing and the Impact of New Technology
  • LO1: Evaluate emerging Trends to predict future directions for the Tourism Industry
  • LO2: Explain the Impact of New Technologies on Destination Marketing
  • LO3: Solve the quiz for Future of Destination Marketing and the Impact of New Technology
  • Assignment: Future of Destination Marketing and the Impact of New Technology
  • Case Study: Future of Destination Marketing and the Impact of New Technology
  • Assignment

Final Exam

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