FAPP_SEC100: Aviation Security (Supreme)

Categories: Self Paced
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About Course

This course is designed to introduce general airline security requirements and associated procedures. Topics include an overview and introduction of the following:

  • Airport and Airline screening procedures
  • Unlawful Crew interference and associated onboard procedures
  • Hijacking and security case studies.

What Will You Learn?

  • To identify the importance of cabin and passenger safety and security checks as well as the importance of security awareness while on duty
  • To describe the airport screening procedures applicable to passengers and crew members
  • To identify and explain the crew security procedures onboard an aircraft
  • To describe the basic requirements and crewmember’s associated procedures in handling security related incidents

Course Content

Module 1

  • 05:54
  • 04:41
  • LO2: Describe Introduction to Aviation Security
  • LO3: List various incidents of security violation in the history of Aviation
  • LO4: Categorize the stages of response to risk
  • LO5: Solve the Quiz for Introduction to Aviation Security
  • Assignment: Introduction to Aviation Security
  • Case Study: Introduction to Aviation Security
  • 04:29
  • 02:19
  • LO2: Discuss about Restricted Area Identity Cards
  • LO3: Solve the Quiz for Airport Restricted Areas
  • Case Study: Airport Restricted Areas
  • 04:53
  • 05:19
  • LO2: Discuss about Work-Through Metal Detectors
  • LO3: Relate the concept of Physical Search before Boarding
  • LO4: Solve the Quiz for Crew and Passenger Screening
  • Case Study: Crew and Passenger Screening
  • Topic: Baggage, Cargo, and Mail Screening
  • LO1: Discuss about Various Screening Types
  • LO2: Solve the Quiz for Baggage, Cargo and Mail Screening
  • Assignment: Baggage, Cargo, and Mail Screening
  • Case Study: Baggage, Cargo and Mail Screening
  • Topic: Aircraft Security
  • LO1: Identify the concept of Aircraft Cabin Security Search
  • LO2: List all the suspicious items for Aircrafts
  • LO3: Solve the Quiz for Aircraft Security
  • Case Study: Aircraft Security

Module 2

Exam – Aviation Security

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