TTM_PROD 102: Tourism Product & Service Operations (Supreme)

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About Course

This course is designed to provide an overview of tourism products and services such as:

  • Surface and Ground Transportation (Rail, Car Rental, and Motorcoach companies)
  • Accommodation and Cruise Industry
  • Tour Operators
  • Activities and Events
  • The emphasis is on obtaining detailed knowledge of these products, services, and suppliers, and sharing this information, and costs associated with products and services with clients.
  • The course introduces terminology, itineraries, verifying documentation, and informing the client.

What Will You Learn?

  • Use travel and tourism terminology adequately in relevant situations.
  • Research choice suppliers and explain their importance to tourism businesses.
  • Understand the importance of the different modes of surface transportation to the tourism industry and issues which surround them.
  • Compare and evaluate the different surface products, identifying clients’ MNEs and costing.
  • Construct basic itineraries using a variety of modes of transportation.

Course Content

Module I

  • 05:04
  • 04:02
  • LO2: Explain the signs and symptoms of the 7 Deadly Sins of Service in real-world service interactions
  • LO3: Analyze the characteristics of Tourism Services to comprehend their role in shaping the Travel experience
  • LO4: Discuss the Fundamentals of Hospitality Industry and its impact on Tourism and Society
  • LO5: Solve the quiz for Introduction to Tourism and Product Services
  • Case Study: Introduction to Tourism and Product Services
  • 04:32
  • 08:44
  • LO2: Analyze market trends and growth potential in the Sport, Adventure, and Adrenaline Tourism sector
  • LO3: Understand why Tourists are attracted to Dark events, Tragedies, and Historical sites linked to death and disaster
  • LO4: Solve the quiz for Overview of Tourism Products
  • Case Study: Overview of Tourism Products
  • 04:10
  • 05:25
  • LO2: Explain the History and Evolution of Rocky Mountaineer
  • LO3: Solve the quiz for Rail Motor Industry
  • Case Study: Rail Motor Industry
  • Topic 4: City Transit
  • LO1: Describe the role of City Transit systems in facilitating Tourism
  • LO2: Define the concept of Car Rental and its significance in the Tourism industry
  • LO3: Understand the evolution and significance of Motor Coaches in the Tourism industry
  • LO4: Solve the quiz for City Transit
  • Case Study: City Transit
  • Topic 5: Cruise Industry
  • LO1: Describe the history of the Cruise Industry
  • LO2: Explain the significance of the Cruise industry in the Tourism sector
  • LO3: Explain the roles and responsibilities of Hotel Division Personnel on Cruise Ships
  • LO4: Solve the quiz for the Cruise Industry
  • Case Study: Cruise Industry
  • Topic 6: Club/Gyms
  • LO1: Comprehend the concept and characteristics of Private Clubs
  • LO2: Categorize Private clubs based on their purpose and amenities offered
  • LO3: Evaluate the Management Techniques and Strategies employed by Private clubs
  • LO4: Solve the quiz for Club/Gyms
  • Case Study: Club/Gyms
  • Topic 7: Events & Attractions
  • LO1: Examine the Historical evolution of Gaming in different regions
  • LO2: Explain the Economic significance of Casino Hotels within the Hospitality industry
  • LO3: Solve the quiz for Events & Attractions
  • Case Study: Events & Attractions
  • Topic 8: Food and Beverage Services
  • LO1: Describe the origin and significance of the Food and Beverage in Tourism sector
  • LO2: Explain the various types of Food and Beverage providers
  • LO3: Examine the challenges in restaurant entrepreneurship, considering experience and operational skills
  • LO4: Solve the quiz for Food and Beverage Services
  • Case Study: Food and Beverage Services
  • Topic 9: Accommodation
  • LO1: Classify various Hotel categories based on their amenities and services
  • LO2: Explain the evolution of Lodging Property from luxury and budget hotels to diverse Modern Categories
  • LO3: Solve the quiz for Accommodation
  • Case Study: Accommodation
  • Topic 10: Tour Operators & Tour Itineraries
  • LO1: Analyze the evolution of Tours Package from their historical origins to modern-day practices
  • LO2: Explain the key responsibilities and functions of Tour Operators in the Tourism Industry
  • LO3: Discuss the structure of Tour Itineraries
  • LO4: Solve the quiz for Tour Operators & Tour Itineraries
  • Case Study: Tour Operators & Tour Itineraries
  • Topic 11: Hospitality Careers
  • LO1: Define the concept of hospitality and recognize its significance in various sectors
  • LO2: Identify various Career paths within Hospitality and evaluate their suitability
  • LO3: Solve the quiz for Hospitality Careers
  • Case Study: Hospitality Careers
  • Assignment

Final Exam

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