TTM_OPER102: Tourism Office Operations (Supreme)

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About Course


This course focuses on:

  • The operations of travel agencies, airlines, and airports.
  • All aspects of this significant component of the tourism industry are examined by regulatory bodies
  • Management of information
  • Communication with clients
  • Policies and procedures
  • Promotional activities
  • Human resources development

By the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe the operations of a travel agency
  • Explain how regulatory reforms, competitive markets, and automation have affected travel agencies
  • Understand the important role travel counsellors play, in addition to making travel arrangements and selling travel products.
  • Research and compare regulatory bodies for air transportation and agencies
  • Distinguish among airlines, types of aircrafts, air routes, airline agreements
  • Explain factors that influence airfares
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Course Content

Module 1

  • 03:32
  • 08:17
  • LO2: Understanding the Airline industry players and their roles to gain insights in the Tourism Industry
  • LO3: Solve the Quiz for Overview of the Airline Industry
  • Case Study: Overview of the Airline Industry
  • Topic 2: Regulation
  • LO1: Analyze the legal framework governing tourism operations
  • LO2: Apply tourism regulations to practical scenarios in the tourism industry
  • Quiz 3: LO3: Solve the Quiz for Regulation
  • Case Study: Regulation
  • Topic 3: Airports
  • LO1: Navigate airport operations and procedures relevant to tourism
  • LO2: Evaluate the impact of airports on tourism development
  • LO3: Solve the Quiz for Airports
  • Case Study: Airports
  • Topic 4: Alliances
  • LO1: Analyze the different types of Airline Alliances and their impact on flight benefits within the Tourism Industry
  • LO2: Evaluate how Tourism offices can create attractive travel packages for enhanced overall Tourist Experience
  • LO3: Solve the Quiz for Alliances
  • Case Study: Alliances
  • Topic 5: Channels of Distribution-I
  • LO1: Discuss various types of tourism distribution channels and their impact on the travel industry
  • LO2: Identify the most effective channels and elaborate on Information systems in Tourism Industry
  • LO3: Elaborate on the Role of GDS in Channels of Distribution-I
  • LO4: Solve the Quiz for Channels of Distribution-I
  • Case Study: Channels of Distribution-I
  • Topic 6: Channels of Distribution – ll
  • LO1: Analyze advanced distribution channels in Tourism, including online platforms and emerging technologies
  • LO2: Develop strategies to effectively reach target markets through various Distribution Channels
  • LO3: Solve the Quiz for: Channels of Distribution – ll
  • Case Study: Channels of Distribution – ll
  • Topic 7: Travel Agency Operations-I
  • LO1: Define and discuss the Role of Travel Agencies in Tourism Office Operations
  • LO2: Describe the essential tasks of travel agencies, like customer service, travel documentation, and industry regulations
  • LO3: Solve the Quiz for Continuation Travel Agency Operations-l
  • Case Study: Travel Agency Operations-I
  • Topic 8: Travel Agency Operations-ll
  • LO1: List different types of Travel Agencies and how they influence the Customer Experience in Tourism
  • LO2: Understand the effectiveness of managing the day-to-day functions of a Travel Agency
  • LO3: Solve the Quiz for Continuation Travel Agency Operations-Il
  • Case Study: Travel Agency Operations-ll
  • Module Based Quiz
  • Assignment: Tourism Office Operations

Final Exam: Tourism Office Operations

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