TTM_ENVI102: Ethics and Sustainable Tourism (Professional)

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About Course

  • As consumer demand is growing, travel industry suppliers are developing new green programs, and governments are creating new policies to encourage sustainable practices in tourism.
  • According to the World Tourism Organization, sustainable tourism is tourism that leads to the management of all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support systems.
  • This course will guide through, and expose the learner to, a variety of information, website, articles and diverging point of views on sustainable tourism.
  • The course will start by introducing ethical theories and the responsibilities of tourism business owners and stakeholders towards sustainability in tourism.
  • The learner will be expected to demonstrate reflective thinking and problem-solving skills on the topic of sustainable tourism.



Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
● Identify moral philosophers and their specific interpretation of ethics
● Describe how ethics can be implemented into our personal and professional lives
● Summarize a range of sustainable tourism and ethical management concerns and their relationship to the social, cultural, political, economic and physical environments in which tourism operates
● Discuss the negative and positive impacts of tourism on the environment
● Describe varying perspectives on tourism and ecotourism policy
● Propose corporate social responsibility actions for stakeholders in sustainable tourism
● Identify present trends in tourism development and forecast challenges
● List basic principles and related indicators to measure performance for ethical tourism behaviour
● Explain the role and responsibilities of different tourism stakeholders
● Research existing frameworks/schemes for sustainable tourism implementation

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Course Content

Module 1

  • 02:46
  • 04:21
  • LO2: Elaborate on the concepts of Ethical Dilemma and Personal Code of Ethics
  • LO3: Knowledge Check
  • 03:02
  • 03:38
  • LO2: Interpret the Importance of sustainability in the tourism sector and the Goals of sustainable development
  • LO3: Relate Global Code of Ethics for Tourism
  • LO4: Knowledge Check
  • 03:07
  • 00:00
  • LO2: Outline the Strategies for managing the impacts of tourism and the Carrying capacity
  • LO3: Knowledge Check
  • Topic 4: Impacts of tourism
  • LO1: Demonstrate the Economic Impacts of Tourism
  • LO2: Elaborate about the Social and the Cultural Impacts of Tourism
  • LO3: Knowledge Check
  • Topic 5: Social and Cultural issues in tourism
  • LO1: Discuss about Tourism, Culture and Community
  • LO2: State the concepts of Authenticity, Overtourism, Community based tourism and Community engagement
  • LO3: Knowledge Check
  • Topic 6: Corporation and its stakeholders
  • LO1: Elaborate on Business and society
  • LO2: Explain Ownership theory of firm, Stakeholder theory of firm and Stakeholder vs stockholder
  • LO3: Interpret the Corporation’s bounding-spanning departments
  • LO4: Knowledge Check
  • Topic 7: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • LO1: Define CSR and the effects of Environment, Social and Governance on Tourism Industry
  • LO2: Elaborate on CSR programs and Creating Shared value
  • LO3: Knowledge Check
  • Topic 8: Sustainable Tourism Practices
  • LO1: Describe Voluntourism, CSR and Tourism
  • LO2: Demonstrate Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Travel Philanthropy
  • LO3: Knowledge Check
  • Module Based Quiz

Final Exam

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