FAPP_GEO100: Aviation Geography (Professional)

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About Course

This course will expand student’s knowledge in relation to countries, their capitals, hubs, gateways, air travel destinations and major carriers around the world. Students will be introduced to the basic aviation language used throughout the industry by referring to three letter airport and airline codes, phonetic alphabet and other frequently used terminology and well as the concept of using the 24-hour clock.

What Will You Learn?

  • Understand the importance of being knowledgeable in world geography and how to apply this knowledge to aviation industry.
  • Identify global features (continents, hemispheres, significance of lines of latitude and longitude, time zones, Prime Meridian, equator, International Date Line)
  • Understand the application of and converting time to 24-hour clock
  • Identify the phonetic alphabet, three-letter airport codes and two-letter airline codes and use them in the appropriate context
  • Identify the location of world’s continents and major countries and interpret information relevant to airline industry
  • Identify major air carriers around the world

Course Content

Module 1

  • 05:21
  • 06:12
  • LO2: Describe about World time zone and time formats
  • LO3: Discuss about Airport, Airline, and Flight Codes
  • LO4: Knowledge Check
  • Assignment: Introduction to Aviation Geography
  • 05:49
  • 05:05
  • LO2: Summarise the geography of Canada, major airports and its culture
  • LO3: Paraphrase the US geography and list its major airports
  • LO4: Discuss about the major airports, and airlines of Mexico combining its geography
  • LO5: Knowledge Check
  • Assignment: Northern America- Canada, US, and Mexico
  • 05:28
  • 04:32
  • LO2: Develop a comprehensive overview of Caribbean geography, airports, and airline data
  • LO3: Identify the cities, airlines, and airports of South America
  • LO4: Knowledge Check
  • Topic 4: Introduction to Europe & Russia
  • LO1: Identify and describe key geological features in Europe and list its countries and major airports
  • LO2: Understand the geological considerations of Russia along with major players in airlines
  • LO3: Knowledge Check
  • Topic 5: Introduction to Africa and Middle East
  • LO1: Understand the interplay between geological features, airport locations, and airline operations in Africa
  • LO2: List and categorize major airports across different regions of Middle East
  • LO3: Knowledge Check
  • Topic 6: Introduction to Asia
  • LO1: Compose the major airlines and airports of various countries in Asia
  • LO2: Knowledge Check
  • Topic 7: Introduction to Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific
  • LO1: List the primary geological features of Australia
  • LO2: Summarize how the geological characteristics influence the airports in New Zealand
  • LO3: Recall the geological considerations specific to South Pacific region
  • LO4: Knowledge Check
  • Module Based Quiz

Final Exam: Aviation Geography

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