FAPP_SAF100: Safety And Emergency Procedures (Supreme)

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About Course

This course includes an overview of the crewmember’s responsibilities and procedures relating to the different situations on board such as:

  • Safety procedures during routine flight, abnormal situation such as rejected take-off and missed approach
  • Aircraft incidents and accidents
  • Emergency equipment on board, emergency procedures and emergency evacuation
  • Students will demonstrate their skills and knowledge in preparing for a mock flight, starting with pre-flight crew briefing and ending with emergency evacuation

What Will You Learn?

  • Identify and describe major aircraft systems
  • Explain the use of aircraft safety and emergency equipment
  • Describe and identify causes, prevention and handling of emergencies involving aircraft incidents and accidents
  • Describe and identify crewmember’s responsibilities and safety procedures relating to different situations and emergencies on board
  • Use effective communication in normal, abnormal and emergency situations, including PA announcements on board
  • Demonstrate learned emergency evacuation procedures by preparing for a mock flight

Course Content

Module 1

  • 05:45
  • 10:27
  • LO2: Explain the principles of aircraft lighting systems, including interior and exterior lighting
  • LO3: Emphasize the aircraft’s water and waste system components and their functions
  • LO4: Comprehend the components and functions of the aircraft’s heating and ventilation system
  • LO5: Demonstrate the ability to deploy and use emergency oxygen systems in the event of depressurization
  • LO6: Knowledge Check
  • Case Study: Aircraft Systems
  • 04:32
  • 06:36
  • LO2: Demonstrate the purpose of cabin crew stations
  • LO3: Knowledge Check
  • Case Study: Safety and Emergency Equipment
  • 03:43
  • 04:27
  • LO2: Knowledge Check
  • Case Study: Aircraft Exits
  • Topic 4: Normal Door Operation
  • LO1: Describe the process of normal door operation
  • LO2: Knowledge Check
  • Case Study: Normal Door Operation
  • Topic 5: Passenger Announcements
  • LO1: List various kinds of announcements and their importance
  • LO2: Explain about crew communications
  • LO3: What are the cabin crew duties and responsibilities
  • LO4: Classify the goods and brief note on allowed goods
  • LO5: Write a brief note on passenger briefing
  • LO6: Knowledge Check
  • Case Study: Passenger Announcements
  • Assignment: Passenger Announcements
  • Topic 6: Pre-Flight Safety Demonstration
  • LO1: Paraphrase the importance of pre-flight safety demonstration
  • LO2: Knowledge Check
  • Case Study: Pre-Flight Safety Demonstration
  • Topic 7: Cabin Crew Flight Procedures
  • LO1: Discuss about the cabin crew flight procedures
  • LO2: Knowledge Check
  • Case Study: Cabin Crew Flight Procedures
  • Topic 8: Turbulence
  • LO1: Classify the turbulence and list the duties during turbulence
  • LO2: Knowledge Check
  • Case Study: Turbulence
  • Assignment: Turbulence
  • Topic 9: Post Flight Duties
  • LO1: List the post flight duties
  • LO2: Knowledge Check
  • Case Study: Post Flight Duties
  • Module Based Quiz

Module 2

Module 3

Final Exam

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